How it Works

Connected Services provides service providers with a flexible, subscription-based, scalable commercial and technical framework in which service providers pay over time from operating budgets instead of all at once from capital budgets.

Operational Factors

There are two operational models around equipment monitoring, the process managed by the plant (asset owner/customer) and the process managed by the remote service provider.

Neither of these models can work in isolation - they need to be combined for the service provider and the customer to operate effectively. What is needed is a shared data infrastructure. Connected Services brings it all together into a single collaborative services model.

“You're able to translate this data into information and provide it where it belongs at the right time...”

- Balakrishman G. Iyer, Chief Development Officer, Bharat Light and Power Group (BLP)
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Understand how Connected Services brings it all together from both and technical and business perspective.

Connected Services - How It Works

Delivering Aftermarket Services Powered by Operational Data

Don’t have time to watch the webinar “Delivering Services Powered by Operational Data”? Then listen to the audio version and view the slide presentation

View the slide presentation that goes along with this audio version of the webinar “Delivering Services Powered by Operation Data”.

Still Have Questions About Connected Services?

Download the answers to the most commonly asked questions including:

  • What type of support does the Connected Services framework offer?
  • What is the typical length of an agreement?
  • What type of service providers use Connected Services?

If you want to know more precisely how a Connected Services agreement might fit the needs of your organization, please contact me for a 1:1 discussion.

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Miguel Chavero
Director, Connected Services, BDR and Community Programs

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