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    Most processes have repeatable stages, continuous processes, downtime events, or batches. PI BatchView™ provides event centric visualization tools so you can view data from your batches/processes within the framework of key events and stages. PI BatchView is a critical component of the PI System for anyone in event-driven industries, such as Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, and a useful tool for non-event driven industries who wish to analyze data within the context of shifts or other user defined events.

    PI BatchView - Featured
  • Features

    PI BatchView - Features
    • Create batch trends, gantt charts, and results tables to simultaneously compare multiple batches.

    • View both live and historical batch data within your PI ProcessBook displays.

    • Analyze batch data within Microsoft Excel.


    PI BatchView - Benefits
    • Compare in process batches to a “golden batch” to help improve overall process quality.

    • Time sync for multiple batches on the screen so operations personnel can more accurately gauge whether batches are proceeding correctly.


    Arkema Inc.


    Within the Chemicals & Petrochemicals industry, smart batch monitoring is an effective way to easily identify problems as they occur, and it provides engineering and operations valuable time to react to the batch and prevent the problem from propagating into more problems downstream. It also offers better visibility for predictive scheduling. In this customer story, find out how a subsidiary of Arkema Inc., uses PI BatchView and PI ProcessBook for comparing a current batch to a golden batch in real-time.

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