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    For businesses interested in combining the power of spreadsheet analysis with their process data, OSIsoft offers PI DataLink. PI DataLink directly integrates your PI Server data with Microsoft® Excel® so you can easily analyze all your operational data using the powerful analytic features of your spreadsheets. From reports to models to data analysis, the full power of both the PI System and Microsoft® Excel® are instantly available to your spreadsheet users with PI DataLink.

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  • Features

    PI DataLink Features
    • Monetize your PI Server data to discover the true cost and value of operation decisions.

    • Create live, interactive, spreadsheet reports that compare and analyze assets, process areas, and equipment in real-time.

    • Simultaneously summarize years of historical data and view it alongside real-time values and forecast data.

    • Simplify regulatory reporting by pulling operations data directly into standard environmental report formats and calculating key metrics using live, production, data.


    PI DataLink Benefits
    • Create asset relative reports that leverage your Asset Framework model.

    • Deliver spreadsheets to web based users through Microsoft SharePoint®.

    • Deliver new sources of data and new types of information to your users through the familiar technology of Microsoft Excel.


    UniEnergy Technologies

    Power & Utilities

    UniEnergy Technologies uses PI DataLink to capture test engineer knowledge and create automatic health reports.

    Founded in 2012 UniEnergy Technologies manufactures 0.5 megawatt batteries for energy storage to support micro-grids, peak shaving, etc. The company guarantees capacity on its batteries and provides remote monitoring and onsite service for its systems. UniEnergy Technologies collects a wide array of process, state, and operation data from each of its remote battery deployment. This data is centrally collected by the PI System and used to create health reports, analyze capacity, and create performance reports at the UniEnergy offices in Mukilteo, Washington. UniEnergy Technologies also uses PI DataLink to simplify and templatize report creation and to capture and translated test engineer knowledge into Excel formulas to enhance, improve (and automate) their equipment and performance monitoring.

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