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  • PI Manual Logger: Simplifying Data Visualization

    Data that can improve operational insights exists throughout your operations but much of this data can only be collected manually. Traditionally, manual data is collected via paper reports. But paper based data collection, by its nature, greatly limits data adoption and integration and frequently introduces data errors. PI Manual Logger from OSIsoft gives you a flexible and affordable tool for digitally collecting manual data and seamlessly combining it with your other, automated, instrumented PI System data to expand the value and usability of all your data.

    Realizing Business Value from PI Manual Logger at Methanex
  • Features

    PI Manual Logger - Features
    • PI Manual Logger provides a comprehensive solution for collecting a full array of manual data from field inspections to lab values to safety inspections to temperatures to valve positions to barcodes and beyond.

    • With PI Manual Logger, all your various data collections schedules into dynamic, highly logical, tours that prompt operators to enter the right data, at the right time, and optimizes data collection routes.

    • Integrated SOPs, customizable instructions, and drop down selection help educate operators on what information to collect (and how) while also improving data quality.


    PI Manual Logger - Benefits
    • Built-in error checks help ensure data accuracy.

    • PI Manual Logger can collect data via user PCs, tablets, handheld data loggers and more so each piece of manual data throughout your enterprise – from gauge readings to lab values – can be collected efficiently with the optimum tool.

    • Barcode/RFID scans can be recorded as data values or used to navigate data collection.

    • Data collection isn’t limited by network availability. With PI Manual Logger data can be collected while disconnected from the network and later delivered it to the PI Server when network access is available. .

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