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  • PI ProcessBook: Simplifying Data Visualization

    PI ProcessBook empowers users to graphically create displays and enrich them with layers of robust, dynamic, data. Designed for PCs, PI ProcessBook supports both high-level analysis and data deep dives. PI ProcessBook helps users instantly access and visualize your PI Server data through interactive, graphical, displays which can be simultaneously populated with live data, years of historical data, and predictive/forecast data. Once created, displays can be shared and leveraged throughout the enterprise, maximizing collaboration and information sharing across time zones and languages.

    Heineken España monitors plant efficiency and controls consumption with PI ProcessBook.
  • Features

    PI ProcessBook - Features
    • Create a library of displays to show every facet of your operations from division overviews to individual equipment displays using a built-in, configurable, symbol library.

    • Provide at a glance operational overviews with stoplight style plant dashboards.

    • Make information more accessible by linking to corporate best practices, how to videos, Microsoft Word Documents, Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, etc. from within your process displays.

    • Support users in a variety of languages with built-in multilingual support. With a simple click users can change their language settings so workers, fluent in different languages, can work together on the same machine


    PI ProcessBook - Benefits
    • View real-time, historical, and predictive data side-by-side for entire operational areas or for individual processes.

    • Playback data to analyze events second by second.

    • Deliver process diagrams desktop users throughout your organization and expand existing displays to new audiences through PI Vision integration or share static displays with third party applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

    • Make overview graphics, reports, and diagrams reusable and scalable with Asset Framework driven navigation.


    Heineken España


    Founded in 1864 in Amsterdam, Heineken is the number 1 brewer in Europe and number 3 brewer in the world with operations in 71 countries and over 250 brands. Sustainability has been a core operating principal for Heineken for 150 years. In 2010 Heineken launched an aggressive
    10-year plan to reduce water usage and increase energy efficiency throughout its breweries, offices, and warehouses. When Heineken's new brewery in Seville, Spain started approaching its technological benchmark limits, the Seville brewery deployed the PI System as its energy and water monitoring solution to push its sustainability improvements past the technological limits. As part of these efforts, Heineken España uses PI ProcessBook to monitor consumption, ensure efficiency, troubleshoot issues and diagnose root causes.

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