• Notifications Overview

  • The PI System can send notifications to users or systems when key events occur. You set conditions that define these events and specify notifications for them, including recipients and actions to take, such as what to do when a recipient is unavailable. In operation, the PI System detects the events you specified and automatically generates and sends out notifications for them.

    A new notifications system was introduced with PI Asset Framework 2016 R2 as part of the PI Server 2016 R2 release. With this release, the notifications feature became an integral part of the PI Server. The earlier PI Notifications product is now a legacy product.

    PI Server 2017 includes the PI AF Services 2017 integrated setup kit, which streamlines the installation process by allowing users to selectively install PI AF Server, PI Analysis Service, PI Notifications Service, PI Web API, and the PI AF Client. As a result, PI AF Server, PI Analysis Service, and PI Notifications Service individual setup kits are no longer provided.

    To enable the new notifications feature, you need to install the PI Notifications Service, which processes and sends out notifications. The installation includes a migration tool to provide a smooth transition for users upgrading from legacy notifications.

    You can configure notifications programmatically or by using the supplied client tools, PI System Explorer or PI Builder, to create notification rules. Notification rules embody trigger conditions you can define using asset analytics analyses, Statistical Quality Control rules, or any events that satisfy your criteria.

    You can customize the content and formatting for notification messages as well as their delivery—notifications can be sent to a web service or via email to individuals or groups. Recipients can subscribe to notifications and also be placed in escalation groups.

    PI Visualization clients such as PI Coresight 2016 R2 and PI DataLink 2016 enable users to acknowledge, add comments, and visualize notifications.

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